The article “Sun and Sand: Icelandic travels to the Canary Islands” (translation from Icelandic) has been published in the Icelandic peer-reviewed journal Tímarit um viðskipti og efnahagsmál (Research in Applied Business and Economics).  The article is co-authored by Kristín Loftsdóttir, project leader, in collaboration with Auður Arna Arnardóttir, associate professor at the University of Reykjavík, Már Wolfgang Mixa, assistant professor, Reykjavík University and Guðbjört Guðjónsdóttir, project manager at Social Science Research Institute.  

The article is in Icelandic and takes the first steps to map out what kind of destination the Canary Islands are for people from Iceland, using qualitative data. It gives insights into the number of travel there, different entangled mobilities, as well as what kind of activities Icelandic people seek while in the Canary Islands.  The material used are statistical data and results from a survey focusing on the period 2009-2019, but in later stages these results will be combined with interviews and fieldwork in the Islands. While studies of tourism to Iceland have been quite vibrant, there is a lack of research on tourism from Iceland.  Travel to other countries is still extensive part of life in Iceland, as shown in that during 2019, 80% of people living in Iceland travelled abroad. The article reflects increased travels to the Canary Islands during the last few years and how the warm climate is important to mark the Canary Islands as a destination for people in Iceland.  The article can be accessed here: http://www.efnahagsmal.is/article/view/a.2021.18.1.3/pdf