Creating Europe through Racialized Mobilities

CERM is an umbrella for different projects and tasks relating to research on racialized (im)mobilities in Europe.

This includes the publication of two books and the following projects:

  • From Darkness to Light: Regimes of Mobilities and Transnationalism in the Canary Islands and Iceland. Analysis of the historical and contemporary relations between Iceland and the Canary Islands. Main researcher: Kristín Loftsdóttir
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  • Irregular (im)mobilities. Case study analyses the migration route to the Canary Islands from West Africa. Main researcher: Ignacio Fradejas-García
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  • Spaniards in Iceland: Transnationalism and social media practices in the wake of a crisis. Explores the importance and use of social media in the lives of migrants. Main researcher: Sigrún Valsdóttir
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