Spaniards in Iceland

The research project “Spaniards in Iceland: Transnationalism and social media practices in the wake of a crisis” explores the importance and use of social media in the lives of migrants that migrate in the context of an economic crisis, focusing more specifically on the transnational lives of Spaniards in Iceland.

The research questions are:

  • What drives people to migrate from Spain to Iceland? Are economic factors important as a motive for migration? Are migrants’ social relationships with other Spaniards already living in Iceland a factor in shaping the choice of destination?
  • What is the effect of media on Spanish migrants’ identity processes and sense of belonging in Iceland? Is social media used strategically to facilitate migration at times of crisis in migrants’ home countries?

The study is conducted for the most part among Spaniards in Iceland. Interviews with individuals and in focus groups are taken alongside participant observation. The research also takes place in Spain to obtain better insights into transnational networking. The methods include focus groups, interviews (formal and informal) and personal network analysis.

The project is supported by the University of Iceland’s Doctoral Grants Fund 2018.

Network map